A luxury hospitality experience, at home

Luxury isn’t limited to the finest hotels or First Class Airport Lounges. The future of luxury is now at home.

CasaDigi creates that same level of comfort and convenience at home by integrating your smart devices and your in-house staff together on one incredible platform.

Experience luxury through seamless living.

Join the smart


A middle aged man and a young woman with a glass of champagne on her left hand walking hand in hand

A luxurious lifestyle is all about the experiences you enjoy.

A seamless integration of all your devices and butlers in one elegant solution. No wonder it’s the world’s most intelligent smart living platform. There’s nothing else on earth like it.

From the team behind luxurious experiences at landmark addresses

CasaDigi takes everything we’ve ever learnt from working with iconic global hospitality brands, and brings it into the heart of your home.

Winthrop Center
St. Regis
Raffles Hotel
Oberoi Hotel

More control than ever before

Set the ambience, adjust temperatures, change channels, order snacks and more. Tailormade to your needs.

Light icon
Control switches
Butler icon
Housekeeping placing 3 towels on the bed
Music note icon
Entertainment controls
Lotus icon
A tray of sweets
A TV showing an image of a half lion and half owl
Universal remote

One control for every TV in your home.

Are you forever losing the remote? CasaDigi gives you one unified smart TV remote control, no matter the brand. So there’s no need to remember how each one works.

A beige and white living room
Room memory

Screenshot the room ambience for next time.

Avoid the hassle of adjusting the light, temperature and curtains every time you go into a room. Just save the perfect setting, and you can recreate it in the future with one tap.

A butler in a suit
Mobile intercom

Reach your butler while you’re out.

Who needs a home intercom anymore? Contact your in-house staff from anywhere, through DigiValet. Either voice-call them app-to-app, or make a service request to open a new chat.

A kitchen with a refrigerator and wooden cabinets
Smart controls

Control all your smart devices too.

Integrate the controls of every smart device in your home. From coffee makers to elaborate theatre systems, there’s no need for a hundred remote controls anymore.


Host two parties on the same night

Create and manage music zones within your home, so you can stream and sync different playlists in selected areas of your home.

A dining room with a round table, 6 chairs, and draped curtains
A bedroom
Music zone 1: The dining room
Classical music for a relaxing dinner party
Music zone 2: The kids’ bedroom
The birthday party pop playlist in full swing
Music zone 3: The patio
Sync with pop tracks to dance the night away


at home

before you

get home

Make service requests to your staff while you’re on the move. From food and drinks orders to housekeeping tasks, all it takes is one tap. You can voice chat with them through the app too.

A blonde woman reading the newspaper while inside the carA young woman checking her phone while inside the carTwo men looking at a phone while inside the carHousekeeping placing a stack of 3 towels on the bed

After your morning smoothie, you notice you’re running low on fresh fruit. So you message the butler to make a grocery run.

An iPhone app where users can request for coffee, breakfast, tea, afternoon snacks, and cleaning services
Milk poured on a glass of coffee

Hit the preset coffee button, so your piping hot Arabica is ready for you the moment you walk through the front door.

You’re heading to an event and want to wear your favourite ballgown. So you ask the housekeeper to have it ready.

An iPhone with a message asking the butler to bring the coat upstairs
Macarons sprinkled with confectioner's sugar

A late night craving? So you ask the chef to bake a fresh batch of cookies for when you get home.

Watch the big match with little effort

Custom-build a specific routine of room controls and service requests, so everything’s exactly how you want it, when you want it. Perfect for things like the weekly football match.

A family sitting on the sofa, watching a football match on TV

The TV automatically switches to the football channel.

Sheer curtains close

The curtains close to block out the light.

A lighting fixture

The living room lights dim.

Two hands grabbing popcorn from a bowl

The butler brings soda and popcorn in time for kickoff.


ahead of the

next tech curve

With a techical team of 100+ in-house engineers, CasaDigi is on a constant upgrade loop. So whether it’s a new streaming service, smart TV, or sound system, our team will strive to integrate it into the very next release.

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DenonChristieSonosSchneider ElectricSamsungB&O
DaikinLegrandSteinway LyngdorfMarantzMobotixAprilaire
Panasonic2n Cool AutomationGrandstreamYamahaJVC
Discover truly
Discover truly
seamless living
seamless living

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If you have a question about CasaDigi, or want to experience it for yourself, speak to our team today. We can schedule a demo for you at our Virtual Experience Centre, so you can see how it works.

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